Holding Bongs

The Best Type of Bongs

Bongs are one of the most common types of things for smoking stoner weed. It’s hard to find history about stoner culture that doesn’t include a bong. It might even have a vaporizer, but that’s another story. Today, you can now find many bongs and water pipes in the market. These bongs are still in high demand and it’s easy to see why.

Even some powerful vaporizers can’t offer the same effect as a bong. Remember that personal preference will always be the most important factor in your choice. While a bong may be great for some, it may not work for everyone. These bongs are popular and worth seeking out.

Ice Catcher Bongs

Bong Ice catcher bongs are able to maintain smoothness, which is one of the best features of a bong. An ice catcher is simply an additional piece to a traditional or silicone bong that allows it to store ice in the main chamber. This means that any smoke that enters the bong is cooled by the ice flowing over it.

This is especially useful for those who like big hits from a bong, but water is not as good for cooling the hit. This is especially helpful for those with sensitive throats and lungs. For everyone else, it’s a great investment to make sure each draw is as smooth and effortless as possible, regardless of size.

Percolator Bongs

Percolator bongs perform a similar function to an ice machine. The percolator provides a smoother extraction, but instead of holding the ice and letting the smoke flow over it, the device allows the smoke to soak further into the water. The result is a smoother hit. The smoke and extra water have to pass through, which can make extraction more difficult than with a regular bong. But it’s definitely worth it. There are many percolators available, from honeycomb to shafted, and numerous designs with their advantages and disadvantages.

Gravity Bongs

Bong Gravity bongs are known for their power and ability to deliver incredible hits. Some are handmade, but commercial brands are very affordable, work well, and can produce incredible hits. Gravity bongs require less maintenance than regular bongs and percolation bongs. Gravity bongs got their name because they use physics to deliver a great hit.

The basic idea is that water comes out of a chamber and then begins to fill with air. This allows the chamber to pull the smoke out of the dry herb instead of the smoker doing this work. You can then do the same as before and apply the same pressure to blow the smoke into someone’s lungs. While powerful and amazing, it may not be for everyone.