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Three Musical Instruments Built for Traveling

Musicians tend to carry around an instrument that happens only when necessary. But when you’re on the go in town or traveling out of town, you often find yourself waiting and wishing you could do something to practice. It is especially true for beginners where the long time spent on the road becomes banal. Fortunately, there are helpful things to rely on how to practice music on the move. The following instruments below are built with travel in mind so that you can make the most of your downtime on vacation. And of course, without having to risk damaging or losing one that’s less mobile.

Voyage-A Guitar

It is not a guitar per se, but it will allow you to maintain your share of airbags every time you travel. The neck bends easily to save space, so you don’t have to try to insert it diagonally into your small car. Better yet, you do not need to loosen or remove the strings because bending the line lessens the tension. It pulls back inside the guitar. Where do the strings go? They retract inside the guitar. That’s great. It comes in both electric and acoustic guitar with some different styles to choose from.

Gibraltar Pad

Practically all drummers who have attended courses or have been in a school group have a training kit. But this version goes one step further and also offers a padded leg strap. The mat has a diameter of 6 inches, small and packable. The ring is complete and with Velcro to make it light and playful, even if you do not have a coat to wear it in. The only criticism from some people is that it is too tight, but others say that the rally helps strengthen the bar’s control during the real game.

The FretPen

It is just as it sounds —a pen with frets on it. At first glance, it seems that it can only play four notes. However, it comes with an application for your iPhone or even iPad that allows you to get the full range of 3 octaves of a normal guitar at the touch of a button. The sound is transmitted wireless to your phone, so you can show someone a solo you played to while away from your guitar. Otherwise, along with the tactile feel of a real guitar, it is a great way to maintain calluses and look after your ribs even when you are not there. It is a device, an instrument, and a writing instrument in one.